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Harnessing Your Superpowers for Business Brilliance

Discover how to channel your unique talents and abilities, your very own superpowers, into achieving remarkable success in the world of business.

Achieve 5 Figure Revenue Before the End of 2023! 

Exclusive Access to Proven Strategies: Transform Your Revenue Before 2023 Ends

Starts Nov 1, 2023



Unleash Your Business Potential for ROI Success.

Elevate Your Entrepreneurial Journey with Unmatched Value and Exclusivity Are you an entrepreneur committed to leveling up your earnings before the year's end?

Welcome to the


program, a transformative 8-week experience tailored exclusively for existing business owners who are ready to boost their income in a meaningful way.


This program is designed for entrepreneurs who are serious about making money ASAP. If you are willing to step out of your comfort zone, committed to achieving set goals, and capable of taking directions, this program will serve as your fast track to financial elevation.

Exclusive Benefits

    Unique AI Secrets

    Unlock my personal Artificial Intelligence strategies that have been fine-tuned for maximum impact. Discover how to leverage AI to do more with less, automate routine tasks, and focus on revenue-generating activities. Gain a competitive edge that most entrepreneurs only dream of.

    Daily Office Hours

    Gain real-time access to specialized input and guidance through daily office hours. Got questions, roadblocks, or need instant feedback? Get immediate answers and personalized advice, helping you to accelerate your progress and avoid costly mistakes.

    Limited Cohort Size

    With only 10 spots available, enjoy the benefits of an intimate learning environment. This allows for more personalized attention, deeper connections with fellow driven entrepreneurs, and a community committed to mutual growth.

    Comprehensive Workbook

    Receive a detailed workbook designed to guide you through each phase of the program. From crafting your perfect selling offer to executing a killer Black Friday strategy, it’s your roadmap to five figures.

    Marketing Material Templates

    Get a leg up with professionally designed, customizable graphics and templates for SMS, DM, and email marketing. Save time and start your campaigns with a bang.

    Sales Scripts

    Don’t reinvent the wheel—use proven scripts for sales calls, honed for effectiveness and conversion. Practice the art of persuasion with tools that have a track record of success.

    Black Friday Strategy

    As a special bonus, get an exclusive strategy guide for maximizing your Black Friday sales. This is insider knowledge aimed at capitalizing on one of the biggest retail days of the year.

    start your Epic 2023 Adventure here!

The Hero's Journey: Your Final Quest of 2023

Unchain yourself from the limitations that have been obstructing your product sales and financial gain.

The Call to Adventure

The clock is ticking. We're rapidly approaching the final chapter of 2023, and the question looms—will you end the year as the hero of your own story? Or let another year slip away, filled with what-ifs and regrets?

The Challenge

Heroes aren't born; they're made. And they're made in the crucible of challenges, with their backs against the wall, when every second counts. This is your crucible, your moment. Your empire awaits, but will you claim it?

Your Armor: Our Guidance

Embarking on a hero's quest alone is noble but risky. Even superheroes have mentors, teammates, sidekicks. That's where we come in. We provide you with the map to your treasure, the strategy to your conquest, the 'how-to' in your hero’s how-to guide. 

Your Weapon: Collective Energy

In our exclusive enclave of ten driven entrepreneurs, you're not just fueled by your ambition but by the collective energy of others who share your goal. Harness that power to break through barriers you didn’t even know existed.

The Transformation

This isn't just about making five figures before year-end. This is about metamorphosis, about unleashing the business titan within you. You'll emerge not just richer but wiser, stronger, ready to tackle whatever challenges 2024 throws your way.

The Clock is Ticking

The sands of time wait for no one. Secure your destiny by securing your spot. Become the hero you were meant to be, before the final tick of 2023.

Answer the Call

This is your call to adventure, your summons to greatness. With limited spots and time running out, this isn't just an offer; it's an urgent quest. A final sprint to the 2023 finish line, weaponized with wisdom, armored in strategy, and propelled by collective ambition.

Secure Your Spot—Only 10 Available, APPLY Now!

What You'll Get

Join us for weekly 90-minute group coaching sessions that cover:

🟨 "Crafting the Perfect Selling Offer"

🟨 "Pricing Your Offer for Maximum Profit"

🟨 "Online and Offline Marketing Strategies for a Winning campaign”

🟨 "Closing Sales like a Pro"


Who Should Join?

Designed for entrepreneurs eager to make 2023 your best year. You should be:

🟨 "Capable of selling and collecting payments online"

🟨 "Willing to create and orsell a product or package for at least $100"

🟨 "Committed to work"



Receive exclusive bonuses, including:

🟨 "A comprehensive workbook"

🟨 "Custom advertising graphics designed by my team for your business "

🟨 "Templates for SMS, DM, and Email marketing"

🟨 "Scripts for sales calls"

🟨 “Marketing Guide”

🟨 "Bonus: Black Friday Strategy"


Our Guarantee and Pricing

Guaranteed ROI or your money back, subject to completing all instructed steps. Secure this $2500 value program for just $997


Limited Availability

Only 10 spots available. Surrounded by other driven entrepreneurs, you won't want to miss out.


Optional: White-Glove Service

Need a sales funnel? Get one developed for only $500—a $1200 value!"


Eligibility Requirements for

 "Achieve 5 Figures Before the End of 2023" Program

Business-Related Requirements:

🟨 Existing Business: Applicants should already have an operational business. This is not a program for startups or those in the ideation stage.

🟨 Revenue: Preference might be given to businesses that are already generating some revenue but are looking to scale.

🟨 Digital Capabilities: Must have the infrastructure to sell products or services online and process online payments.

Personal Qualities:

🟨 Commitment: Must be fully committed to actively participating in all aspects of the program.

🟨 Open-Mindedness: Willing to step out of their comfort zone, experiment with new strategies, and pivot if necessary. GO ALL IN!!

🟨 Coachability: Must be receptive to feedback and able to follow directions.

Technical Requirements:

🟨 Internet Access: Reliable internet access for participating in online group coaching sessions.

Legal and Compliance:

🟨 Refund Policy: Willing to agree to the terms of the money-back guarantee, including submitting proof of having followed the program and not achieved the results.

🟨 Age: Must be at least 18 years old and legally able to enter into contractual agreements.

🟨 Geographical Restrictions: No geographical restrictions, but must be able to attend online sessions at the specified times.

🟨 Product/Service Criteria: Must be willing to sell a product or package for at least $100.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who is this program best suited for?

This program is ideal for existing entrepreneurs who are committed to achieving significant revenue growth before the end of 2023. You should be willing to step out of your comfort zone and be capable of selling and collecting payments online.

Are there any geographical restrictions for participants?

There are no geographical restrictions. As long as you have internet access for the weekly coaching calls, you can participate from anywhere.

How large is each group coaching session?

Each group is limited to just 10 participants to ensure a focused, tailored experience for all.

What kind of businesses can benefit from this program?

This program is versatile and can benefit businesses across various industries as long as they have a product or service that can be sold and paid for online.

What constitutes 'proof' for the money-back guarantee?

To be eligible for a refund, you'll need to provide evidence that you've attended all sessions and executed all instructed steps without achieving the promised ROI.

What's included in the Black Friday Strategy bonus?

The Black Friday Strategy bonus is a comprehensive plan to maximize your sales and revenue during the high-traffic Black Friday shopping period.

How do the group coaching sessions take place?

Sessions will be conducted via a secure online platform that allows for interactive group discussions.

What are the payment methods accepted?

We accept all major credit cards, as well as certain payment gateways for your convenience.

Is there a deadline to apply for a refund based on the money-back guarantee?

Yes, refund claims must be submitted within seven days of the program's conclusion, along with the required proof of action and non-ROI.

What if I want to upgrade to the 'White Glove Service' later?

You can upgrade to the White-Glove Service at any time during the program, but it's recommended to do so early to fully benefit from the custom sales funnel.

How will the weekly 90-minute sessions be structured?

Each session will include a mix of educational content, Q&A, and actionable steps for the week ahead.

Do I need any specific software to participate in this program?

No, specific software like a CRM or Sales Funnel is not a requirement for this program. While such tools can be helpful, the primary focus here is on unleashing your "superhero grit" coupled with old-fashioned marketing tactics to drive results. We believe in the power of human ingenuity and perseverance, and this program is designed to harness those qualities for business success.

Will there be any use of Artificial Intelligence in this program?

Yes, we do incorporate AI to enhance the learning and application process. All challenge members should have at least access to the free version of ChatGPT. This allows for additional support, creative brainstorming, and quick solutions when you're working through your weekly tasks and objectives.


Client Testimonials That Speak Volumes

Carl has helped me in business in more ways than one. I basically credit him for my spark of entrepreneurship. I remember during COVID at the very peak of it, the very beginning of it, rather, Carl was instrumental in helping me start making turning my ideas into a business. And I haven't always followed everything that he said, but I tell you everything that I found out even later on in my entrepreneurial journey. He was right. And he's a specialist at birthing businesses and bringing life into them. So I am forever great grateful to Carl for sparking my entrepreneurial spirit. And anytime I have a thought or an idea, most of the times I run it by Carl. Thanks, Carl.

LaKeta Renèe Booker

Owner and CEO at Beauty is as Beauty Does Official

Owner and CEO at Party Time with Princess Zury

Professional Actress & Singer at Jana VanDyke Agency

Let me tell you something man, I do multiple shows daily. My creativity needs to be through the roof. There are no days off, and let me tell you something, man. It is hard not To run out of gas, it is hard to constantly, come up with new ideas, new ways of doing things, changing bit, business models. and every time I need one of those talks, I go to one guy and one guy only bro, Carl Gray bro, Carl knows where it's at. His mind for business, put together with his creativity, makes him absolutely gold and I encourage you guys, if you podcast if you're looking to start your own business, if you're looking for ideas, if you're looking to talk to one of the brightest people possible. To take a consultant call with Carl Gray!


Former Head Writer

WWE Owner ChannelAttitude.com

If you listen to the advice that Carl gives you, I promise you, he knows exactly what he's talking about. This is why he has helped so many businesses. So we have to get out of our own way to actually receive what he is giving us. He knows what he's talking about. The information that he gives is very valuable. And again, take it from me , I work with Carl earlier this year. And I'm telling you, if you listen, you're gonna see huge change, but with the listening you have to implement what he tells you to do, right? DO IT! It what's gonna get you paid? I hope that helps y'all.


Founder/CEO & Forgiveness

CoachFounder/CEO Love You More Inc.

Carl Gray has been a tremendous help the last year. We have worked together on numerous projects. It started with him, just coming by and checking out what we're doing, really sitting down and him explaining to me what it takes to take a business to the next Level. 


CEO and Founder of Strive for Perfection Athletics and Dream Chaser Academy

I am thrilled to share my incredible experience working with Carl, who has truly transformed the trajectory of my business. As a dedicated business owner, I was seeking guidance and a fresh perspective to navigate the challenges and opportunities that my company was facing. That's when I decided to hire Carl Gray as my business coach, and it turned out to be one of the best decisions I've ever made. From the very beginning, he impressed me with his deep understanding of business dynamics, strategic thinking, and his ability to tailor solutions to my specific needs. His coaching style is a perfect blend of mentorship, collaboration, and motivation. He took the time to thoroughly analyze my business, identify areas for improvement, and work alongside me to implement effective strategies. Thanks to Prototype Consulting Group's guidance, my business has experienced remarkable growth. Revenue has increased, operations have become more streamlined, and I have a newfound confidence in my leadership abilities


Broadway Producer, Founder/ Executive Director, Canady Foundation for the Arts

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